Unsavory Times

A Chef's Pandemic Journey

Table for none?

As the Coronavirus devastates independent restaurants across the United States, celebrated chef and farm-to-table pioneer, Greg Higgins is suddenly forced to reinvent his business in order to survive the worst economic shock of our lifetime.


About the Film

Twenty-six years ago, Greg Higgins opened the doors to his eponymous restaurant in Portland, Oregon. 

At that moment, he became a pioneer in the farm to table movement.  His work with local farmers and as a chef helped put Portland on the map for foodies across the nation. 


Now, in the middle of a pandemic, James Beard award winning chef Greg Higgins is faced with the very real possibility of his restaurant closing permanently.  Not alone in this unexpected challenge, Higgins’ fate is linked with many of America’s most celebrated restaurants, more than 80 percent of which may never reopen. 


The devastating ripple effect of these ongoing closures extends far beyond the doors of closed restaurants.  Millions of farmers, fisherman and other suppliers join the tens of millions of independent restaurant workers nationwide who are now at risk of losing their livelihood. The pandemic is exposing and exaggerating already difficult economic inequities.  


Unsavory Times explores the viability of independent businesses in this challenging and uncertain environment and illustrates how integral these businesses are to our community’s

economic, environmental and personal health.


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